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13,700,000,000 B.C. Edit

  • The Big Bang occurs in which ordinary space and time develop out of a primeval state.

c. 10˄–44 sec ABB Edit

  • The Planck Epoch begins: Universe experiences cooling as it begins expanding outward - quantum variations begin causing slight variations in density.

c. 10˄–36 sec ABB Edit

  • Electroweak epoch begins: The Universe cools down to 10˄28 kelvins. As a result, the Strong Nuclear Force becomes distinct from the Electroweak Force. A wide array of exotic elementary particles result from decay of X and Y bosons which include W and Z bosons and Higgs bosons.

c. 10˄–32 sec ABB Edit

  • Cosmic inflation ends. Particles of matter and anti-matter from as a soup of hot plasma - photons of light are scattered by traveling through this plasma.

c. 10˄–12 sec ABB Edit

  • The Quark Epoch starts. The universe cools to 10˄15 kelvins.

c. 10˄–11 sec ABB Edit

  • Baryogenesis may have taken place with matter as baryon to antibaryon constituencies are established.

c. 10˄–6 sec ABB Edit

  • Hardon epoch begins. As the universe cools to about 10˄10 kelvins, a quark-hadron transition takes place in which quarks bind to form more complex particles. This quark confinement includes the formation of protons and neutrons, the building blocks of atomic nuclei.

c. 10˄–5 sec ABB Edit

  • Gravity governs the expansion of the universe: neutrinos decouple from matter creating a cosmic neutrino background.

c. 3 sec ABB Edit

1810 Edit

September Edit

16th Edit

  • Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla calls the people to begin the Mexican War of Independence.
  • José María Morelos y Pavón joins to the Mexican War of Independence.

1811 Edit

July Edit

30th Edit

  • Hidalgo and some of his supporters are caught and shot by spaniards.

1814 Edit

2017 Edit

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19th Edit

  • The 2017 Central Mexico earthquake occurred just two hours after an earthquake drill done yearly on the anniversary of the 1985 Mexico earthquake. Widespread damage was caused in Mexico City, Morelos and Puebla. Many buildings collapsed. 370 people were killed (228 in Mexico City, 74 in Morelos, 46 in Puebla, 15 in Mexico State, 6 in Guerrero and 1 in Oaxaca) and more than 6,000 injured.